ATLANTA – State Representative Barbara Massey Reece (D-Menlo) honored Georgia’s Vietnam Veterans on Tuesday in the Georgia House of Representatives with House Resolution 1723.  This resolution designates March 30, 2010, as “Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.”

Georgia’s Vietnam Veterans patriotically served this great nation.  They deserve our upmost respect and appreciation,” said Representative Reece. “It’s an honor to recognize these fine veterans for their selfless service and courageous acts.”

On March 30, 1973, the United States armed forces completed the withdrawal of combat troops from Vietnam.  In remembrance of this, HR 1723 honors those brave soldiers by naming March 30 as Welcome Home Vietnam Veterans Day.

Almost 250,000 Georgians served in the Vietnam War.  Of those, 1,584 Georgians were killed in action, 8,534 were wounded, and 35 are still missing.

HR 1723 was co-sponsored by several representatives that served in the armed forces during the Vietnam era, including Representatives Amos Amerson (R- Dahlonega), Bob Hanner (D-Parrott), Joe Wilkinson (R-Sandy Springs), Roger Williams (R- Dalton), Calvin Hill (R-Canton), and Don Wix (D-Mableton).  In addition to the House veterans, there were also several Vietnam Veterans from north Georgia present for the passage of HR 1723.

A link to House Resolution 1723 can be found by clicking here.