Representative Barbara Massey Reece (D – Menlo) addressed the Chattooga County Democratic Party on Monday evening in their regular monthly meeting.  Reece told the crowd that overall she was disappointed with the legislative session and said that with the exception of a couple of items there was not a lot of constructive legislation for her constituents.   

The Georgia General Assembly wrestled with the budget throughout the session trying to find ways to fund the state government on an ever decreasing supply of revenue.  Reece said that without the stimulus money coming from President Obama’s stimulus plan the results would have been “catastrophic.” 

Reece pointed out that the legislature was able to find the money to keep the state crime lab open in Summerville and also the fire department at Hayes Prison was kept funded.  Governor Perdue had sought to cut the budgets for all prison fire departments providing service to communities. 

Reece pointed out that Chattooga County resident’s home owners insurance rates were kept lower because of Hayes Prison Fire Department and that local rural and city fire departments depend on backup from Hayes Prison and the bucket truck that they can provide. 

AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio will have more on Representative Reece’s comments on this years legislative session in upcoming newscasts.