The Georgia Supreme Court has declined to review the motions in the murder case of Michelle Sullins Reynolds, and a trial could be held as early as this summer.

The high court denied an interim appellate review in the case, which is a review of pre-trial orders issued in Floyd County Superior Court.

In October, Richard Scott Harper pleaded guilty to murder charges with an understanding that the district attorney’s office would not seek the death sentence versus either defendant if he testified in Reynolds’ case. Statements he made regarding his possible testimony are part of a package from the Reynolds’ case that was sent for review. He is unlikely to be sentenced until Reynolds’ case is over.

Harper was the assailant in the July 5, 2004, murder of Michelle Reynolds’ husband, Thad John Glenn Reynolds, at the Frito Lay warehouse on Calhoun Road.

Police maintain that Reynolds plotted to kill her husband, and the two defendants, who both attende


d the same church, were having an affair that led to the murder.

She is charged with murder, aggravated assault and aggravated battery charges.