A prominent Republican in the Georgia General Assembly told reporters that it is to early to say whol will be the next speaker of the Georgia General Assembly.  State Rep. David Ralston, who launched a failed coup against Richardson in 2008 said "But I will say this, we are in danger of endangering the trust that the people of Georgia gave us.”  The comment were made to the Associated Press.

Three days after saying unequivocally that he wanted to be speaker of the George House of Representatives, Mark Burkhalter on Monday changed his mind.  Speaker pro tem of the House, Burkhalter was set to succeed Glenn Richardson.

Under pressure from fellow Republicans, Richardson announced his resignation Thursday after a suicide attempt and revelations by his ex-wife of an affair with a lobbyist.  Burkhalter said that he does not think Republicans have an image problem with Georgia Voters in the wake of the incident.

State Representative Barry Loudermilk, R-Rome, is a possible candidate for the position.

House Minority Leader DuBose Porter said the true nature of GOP leadership is finally emerging.

“They have shown the worst of their leadership,” said Porter, a Democratic candidate for governor in 2010. “What remains to be seen is whether they will clean out their house to move forward in a new direction.”

(Information from the AP)