Roper Corp. in LaFayette plans to temporarily lay off 120 workers at the end of March.

The company employs about 1,200 people and produces as and electric cooking appliances under the GE, Profile, and Monogram labels.

The company on Wednesday issued the following statement:

“Employees at Roper Corporation have been informed that due to the continuing, global, economic downturn and resulting low volume and slow orders from customers, the company will be reducing its production volumes over the next few months to better match customer demand.

“These production adjustments will affect all areas of the operation beginning March 30, 2009, and will eventually impact approximately 120 employees who will be asked to take temporary lack of work.

“Employees on this temporary lack of work will be eligible for unemployment benefits through the Georgia Department of Labor. Roper Corporation will also pay for healthcare and other insurance premiums for affected employees for up to three months. In the event that the lack of work remains necessary for longer than three months, the employees will be able to pay for their healthcare and other insurance premiums at the normal employee rate for up to nine additional months. HR (human resources) staff will be available to answer questions from affected employees on their benefits while on temporary lack of work.

“Roper Corporation president Scott Ossewaarde said, ‘We recognize that being placed on temporary lack of work is very disruptive to the lives of our employees, but it is necessary to keep the company competitive in this dire economic environment. We continue to closely monitor economic conditions on a day-to-day basis, and if further actions are required, we will adapt accordingly. We appreciate our employees’ understanding, cooperation, flexibility and support under these unprecedented circumstances.”

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