At last night’s work session of the Chattooga County Board of Education Superintendent Jimmy Lenderman withdrew a recommendation for the board to cancel the state health agreement for board members.

He said he that due to a pending drastic increase in cost on the policies he had encouraged board members to price other coverage which he felt could be obtained cheaper. He said that wasn’t the case and withdrew his recommendation.

However, board member Ron Williams, who was elected in January, said he would have to resign his post because he can’t afford the insurance. As a retired county school system employee, Williams said he had paid around $300 per month for insurance coverage. When he became a member of the school board he said he had to take school board insurance or lose his retirement.

The school board insurance increased his insurance costs to more than $700 per month and will soon go up to $900 per month.  Williams told AM 1180’s Julie Steele that he would have to resign his position on the school board because he can not afford the insurance.

Lenderman said he has spoken to an attorney familiar with Georgia Association of Educators issues on the legality and ethics involved in the insurance requirement. The insurance issue only affects school board members who are retired from the school system.