Crash data shows Georgia’s rural roads are more dangerous than our busy interstates. Although only a quarter of the nation’s population lives in rural areas, the number of deadly crashes out on country roads actually accounts for more than half of all traffic fatalities. Georgians driving or riding on rural roadways face a much greater risk of being injured or killed in traffic crashes than those in urban or suburban areas because more of those Georgians aren’t wearing their safety belts. That’s why we always need to buckle-up!

Deaths involving pickup truck occupants statistically also have a greater occurrence on rural roads. And because of the higher center of gravity, there’s a higher risk of vehicle rollover and occupant ejection during a pickup truck crash. In 2007 safety belt usage rates for pickup trucks was only 73.6% versus 91.0% for all passenger vehicles.  Failure to wear safety belts leads to an estimated 5,760 additional pickup truck injuries in Georgia and costs Georgians $346-million in related healthcare costs and economic losses.  In Georgia, nearly three-fourths of pickup truck occupants killed were not restrained