A representative from the Secretary of States Office was in Chattooga County once again yesterday to investigate a complaint about Chattooga County Elections.  Someone had reported that "stacks" of absontee ballots were leaving the Registrars office on Friday of last week. 

The problem with the allegation is that absontee ballots were not even available last week.  This is one of many investigations by the Secretary of States office along with the GBI that have been ongoing since the 2006 election cycle when there were complaints about the absontee ballots in the State Court Judge’s race. 

Many local politicians and residents are expressing their dismay with the investigation and the tactics used by the investigators.  Armed GBI agents have gone to the local nursing home and some residents feel intimidated when being questioned about their 2006 vote.  Also, their have been complaints that some investigators have asked Chattooga County residents for their social security numbers.

At the Forum on Tuesday evening Election Superentindent and Probate Judge Jon Payne stated publicly that two years was long enough for the investigation into something that was alledged to have happened 2 years ago.