Skywarn is a program the National Weather Service uses to improve severe storm warnings. Trained volunteers serve as storm spotters. These spotters pass on vital "ground truth" information to forecasters during severe weather events. They are the eyes and ears not only for forecasters, but for the community as a whole.

Skywarn volunteers come from all walks of life, and generally have two things in common – an interest in weather as well as an interest in serving their community. Certain organizations often involved in Skywarn include:

Emergency Management
Law Enforcement
Fire Department and Resuce Squads
Amateur Radio Groups

Any organization or person can become a Skywarn spotter, but they must first complete the necessary training from the National Weather Service. These training classes are offered periodically during the period of January to March 15th. Each class will be done in a grouping of 2 to 4 counties. Anyone interested in attending a spotter training class is asked to contact their counties emergency management office to get a schedule of upcoming classes. Sometimes, depending on demand, a second season of classes is offered between September and November. For more information on Skywarn please visit our Skywarn page.