Chattooga County Sheriff John Everette has announced participation in the CHIP program.  That stands for Georgia’s Child Identification Protection.  Everett said that the group’s aim is to give Chattooga County parents a sample of their child’s DNA, teeth imprints, digital fingerprints, photos and other identification.

The sheriff is teaming up with the Georgia Masonic Lodge and will help to host the free event starting from noon to 4 p.m. on Nov. 14. The event is planned for the Chattooga Masonic Lodge behind the Summerville (formerly Cowboys) BP gas station and off Marvin Avenue.

"Anything we can do, if a kid was abducted, or came up missing and help find them, we need to do it." Sheriff Everett said.  "They give kids a wafer to chew on and it gets their teeth imprints and DNA."

The event is open to all children ages four to sixteen and the children must be accompanied by a parent.

Area members of the Free and Accepted Freemasons will be paying the bill to get the specialized unit to Chattooga County for the event.  The Masonic Lodge will not keep any of the information gathered accept the permission slips which must be signed by a parent.

In 2008 the Georgia CHIP program held more than 140 events throughout the state of Georgia and furnished ID packets to the parents of more than 14,000 Georgia children.