AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio spoke with Sheriff John Everett on Friday about the recently purchased used patrol cars for the Sheriffs Department.  Everett had announced a new policy that will allow deputies that live within the county to drive their patrol cars home.  Everett said that he believes that when deputies have a car assigned to them they will take better care of the vehicles and show more responsibility in the upkeep of the cars. Sheriff Everett has purchased 2 used patrol cars for $2,400 each from the Gordon County Sheriffs Department and has the opportunity to purchase 2 more at that price.  These patrol cars are coming fully equipped and Everett estimates the value of the cars at $10,000 each. The Sheriff also stated that he has an deal made with Jacky Jones Ford for two newer model Police Ford Crown Victorias.  Everett stated that one of the cars has around 40,000 miles and the other has around 50,000 miles and the Sheriffs Department can purchase the vehicles for $19,000 for both vehicles.