Sheriff Mark Schrader says that his department has recovered a “kit” that was used to defraud video poker machines. 

Sheriff Schrader said that a Chattooga County resident recently purchased a vehicle from out of state and discovered the “kit” hidden inside the vehicle.  The car-owner thought that the money might have been counterfeit and notified the sheriff’s department.

The “kit” contained several several hundred dollars worth of paper money. Sheriff Schrader said that the money is real, but it was being used for illegal purposes.  The bills had homemade plastic devices on which the money would be taped to go inside a video poker machine and then once a credit to play the machine was registered, the bill would be retrieved.  The winner would then collect their prizes and still have their money for playing the games.

Sheriff Schrader said that his office has run into this problem before, but that this “kit” is one of the most sophisticated setups that he has seen.

It is illegal in Georgia to issue cash prizes for video poker machines – although that is something that happens frequently.  Store owners with the video poker machines are only supposed to award prizes with in-store merchandise, not money.

Sheriff Schrader added that all video poker machines in Georgia are subject to inspection by the Georgia Lottery Commission.  The state lottery commission pays a deputy in each county in the state to inspect video poker machines on a monthly basis.