Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Kathy Vanpelt Brown told AM 1180 last week that there was a shortage of metal car tags that is affecting all 159 Counties in Georgia, including Chattooga County.  Brown said that the shortage is due to the fact that the State of Georgia does not have enough money to keep enough tags in inventory.  Late last week her office was issuing paper tags because of the shortage.  Brown said that local law enforcement officials know about the problem.  If you do not have a metal car tag on your car you should carry the paper receipt that the tax commissioner’s office will give you when you apply for a metal tag. 

Brown said that residents should understand that this is a state-wide problem, and is not the fault of the local tag office.  Brown said that currently she has some metal car tags in stock, but a busy day could wipe that stock out.  As of Friday her office had no big truck or specialty tags. Chattooga County keeps only $1 of each tag sold – the rest goes to the state.