On the heels of the full power television stations making the switch from analog signal to the new digital technology (better known as DT-TV broadcast signal), under orders of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) effective June, 2009, WSKY television (SKY 21) in Summerville will now be doing the same. SKY 21 owner Terry Adams, said “with 6 months of digital education now behind us, we feel that the public is well aware and now prefers a digital broadcast signal which offers a more crisp lifelike video.”


The change over is slated to occur approximately December 29th. Although this change is not mandatory by the FCC for low power stations such as SKY 21, Adams said, “it’s just a matter of time and we want to be ahead of the game and not have to rush into it. This way we can take our time and give our viewers the best picture possible.” When the conversion to digital takes place next week, SKY 21 will be among the first low power stations in the country to do so.


Adams stated “SKY 21’s new digital equipment was purchased from a USA company, Linear Industries in Elgin, Illinois”, a company known world wide for quality broadcast equipment and great service.


When asked how this will affect how viewers receive the SKY 21 broadcast, Adams said, “if you are watching SKY 21 on channel 5 of Charter Cable, no action is necessary. Charter has equipment in place for all their channels. If you are watching with an over-the-air antenna on channel 21, you will need to do a simple channel rescan or channel update scan on your television or converter box, which will automatically lock in and add the SKY 21 digital channel. Make sure from the menu on your TV that it is set to receive digitals channels and that your antenna is pointed toward Taylors Ridge in Summerville, where highway 27 crosses”. Also with the new digital signal SKY 21 will be adding additional channels, the first will be channel 21-2 which will air the 3ABN programming with more to come in the near future. If anyone has questions about the digital broadcast, please give SKY 21 a call at 706-857-2121.




More power” exclaimed Adams. I have already filed an application with the FCC to increase our output power to 25 times greater than present, which is the maximum allowed. This will give us much better coverage in our current viewing area and also expand our coverage a great deal. Approval from the FCC for the increase in power is expected sometime in the coming year.