A Chattooga County man reported a case of fraud this week to the sheriff’s department after he was contacted by someone claiming to be from a software company and offering him a refund.

The complainant told a responding deputy that someone contacted him on a cellular device and said that they were from a company called “Desk Copy.”  The caller then told the man that they knew he had purchased software in the past and wanted to offer him a full refund of $300.

The complainant allowed the caller to gain access to his desktop computer and bank account, as he watched them.  The fraudsters then told the complainant to enter the amount of $300 as a refund, but as he watched, the amount showed up as $3,000.  The caller then told the man to correct the issue, he would have to purchase a gift card from Wal-Mart in the amount of $2,700 and give the card number to them to “correct the mistake.”

The man didn’t go get the gift card and instead called the sheriff’s department.

Remember, never give out your personal or banking information to anyone contacting you offering you a “refund”.