Some Chattooga County parents are upset about the decision by CHS Prinicpal Jimmy Lenderman to remove two pages out of the yearbooks which are to be released today.

An upset resident told AM 1180 that they feel that the yearbooks are paid for by the parents and students and that the yearbook should have been reviewed before publication and if there was anything innapropriate it should have been taken out before printing.

AM 1180 has seen the removed pages.  They include pictures of boys playing basketball with their shirts off – reportedly pictures that were taken at a local church’s gymnasium.  The other page includes pictures of a female Chattooga student’s antique weapons collection.

Lenderman reportedly said that the pages removed contained innapropriate photographs, however not all those who have seen the pictures agree with the principal’s decision.

AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio did contact Chattooga High School for a response on the issue.  The yearbooks were put together last year before Mr. Lenderman was principal and the project was overseen by Dr. Alan Perry, who taught journalism before he retired at the end of the last school year.