State Rep. Barbara Massey Reece, D-Menlo, is among the Georgia women legislators marking Cervical Cancer Awareness Month in January.

The legislators have joined a coalition of women’s health and advocacy organizations in the United States and Europe in a new, united effort to prevent cervical cancer worldwide.

“We’ve all shared the hope of curing cancer," Reece said. "Thanks to recent breakthroughs, we now have the means to eliminate cervical cancer with widespread education and immunization. There is cause now for new hope for women here in Georgia and around the world.”

The Pearl of Wisdom Campaign to Prevent Cervical Cancer will raise awareness of cervical cancer, encourage women to take advantage of the means that are now available to prevent it, and work to make sure that these methods are accessible to girls and women around the globe – particularly to the underserved populations that have much higher rates of cervical cancer. A central focus of the campaign is the promotion of the Pearl of Wisdom as the global symbol of cervical cancer prevention, designed to help all groups involved unite behind a core set of messages.

Georgia women legislators are presenting the recommendations of the Final Report of the 2006 Georgia Cervical Cancer Elimination Task Force to the Women’s Caucus to announce the Pearl of Wisdom Campaign and highlight the needs here in Georgia for broader education, screening, treatment, and immunization. Legislation to accomplish these goals is under consideration by the Women’s Caucus.

-Rome News Tribune