Shortly after 1:00pm Sunday, U.S. Park Rangers received a report of what was described as ‘a vehicle running off of a cliff’ on Cherokee County Road 103, often referred to ‘Beer Can Road’, inside the jurisdiction of the Park Service at Little River Canyon National Park.

Upon their arrival Ranger’s discovered that there was indeed a vehicle approximately 500 – 600 feet down a cliff.

At that point in time, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department Deputies were dispatched to the scene, along with personnel from the Cherokee County Rescue Squad.

Rescue Personnel then had to repel down the rocks, in order to conduct a search for any victims – a thorough search of the vehicle and the surrounding area turned up nothing.

Sheriff’s Deputies ran both the tag and VIN numbers – which came back to an individual who lives in Chattooga County, Georgia – only to discover that the vehicle was not listed as having been stolen.

They notified Chattooga County Officials of the situation – and, then found that the SUV actually had been reported stolen early Sunday morning, and that the information had yet to make it into the national database.

It took Fagan’s Recovery Service approximately two – three hours to retrieve the vehicle.

The incident remains under investigation by the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department.