The lack of interstate access to Chattooga County is viewed by many to be a problem for attracting tourism and industry.  A new study being conducted seeks to get more tourists on Highway 27 which stretches from Florida to Tennessee and is the main access to Chattooga County. 

The Coosa Valley RDC is working with a consultant for the Highway 27 Association to identify tourism assets along the 382 mile route covered by Highway 27. 

The association received a $62,000 One Georgia Grant and added $16,000 to pay for the strategic marketing plan.

Vice Chairman Virgil Sperry of Walker County said the goal is to get leisure travelers to opt for U.S. 27 instead of Interstate 75. “There are a lot of things to see and do on 27, and we’re going to make sure everybody in America knows it,” he said.

Chattooga and Floyd counties also are members of the 18-county alliance along the highway that stretches the length of the state.

Randall Travel Marketing Inc. of Mooresville, N.C., is preparing the strategic plan.