On Thursday of last week, AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio reported on action taken by the State Election Board in Atlanta that afternoon to close a case that involved Oakview Nursing and Rehabilitiation Center in Summerville.  The State Election Board voted unanimously to close the case as it was presented by an investigator from the Georgia Secretary of States Office. 

On November 21, 2008 the State Election Board received a written complaint from Carolyn Spraggins saying that she had found an empty absentee ballot envelope and the instructions on how to fill it out on a small table in the room of her father, John Ivey, who is a resident at the facility.  Spraggins told investigators with the election board that she was concerned that her father’s vote was being exploited because of his lack of mental clarity.  According to Ms. Spraggins her father is literate and not physically disabled, but he does suffer from dementia.

According to the investigative summary released Thursday by the State Election Board, Mr. Ivey had requested assistance in filling out his ballot in the 2008 Primary election and the 2008 Primary run-off election.  At issue was if anyone at the nursing home committed voter fraud by unecessarily assisting a resident in filling out a ballot.

The Oakview Nursing and Rehabilitation Center workers were cleared of any wrongdoing with the vote this past week and the case was closed.

Official Summary from State Election Board:

 SEB Case No. 2008-000126 Chattooga County (Nursing Home) – Chris Harvey, (DIG), presented this case and recommended the case is referred to the AG’s office. Public speakers were Rich Gardner (Attorney for the Nursing Home) and Sally Osner (Director of the Nursing Home).

David Worley made a motion to close the case, Tex McIver seconded; the motion passed unanimously 4 – 0. Randy Evans had briefly left the room.