The Summerville Police department continues to investigate an armed robbery that took place earlier this week at the Kangaroo Mart located on Highway 114 in Summerville.

According to police reports, the store clerk said a man entered the store sometime shortly after midnight, dressed in black clothes with a black ski mask on.  The clerk was in the middle isle of the store when the reported armed robber showed up.  The man is said to have demanded that the store clerk go to the cash register and give him all the money while holding a small caliber pistol.

The reported suspect kept the gun pointed at the clerk throughout the incident.  The clerk handed the suspect some $5’s and $10′ which didn’t satisfy the man.  At that point the clerk gave the man some $20’s and some Marlboro cigarrettes. 

After the reported robber left the clerk called Karen Wallace, the store manager.  When police arrived there was no recording of the incident on the store’s video cameras.  Wallace said that the cameras didn’t work properly all the time.  Reports indicate the man got away with around $200.

The suspect was described as a white sounding mail, about five feet tall with a deep sounding voice.  The incident is under investigation by the Summerville Police Department.