A nap in a patrol car by a Summerville Police officer cost that officer his job.  The Summerville City Council voted unanimously on Monday evening to fire Officer Stanley Woffard after deliberating behind closed doors at the regular monthly meeting of the city council.

Officer Woffard told the city councilmembers that he had been taking medication and felt that it was not safe to drive his patrol car last week so he pulled into a parking lot at the Mohawk Plant in Summerville and went to sleep.  Woffard was photographed sleeping in his patrol car by an anonymous citizen who gave the picture to The Summerville News.  Summerville Police Chief Stan Mosely told the city council members that in his opinion Woffard had violated several rules by taking the nap and should be fired:failure of duty, conduct unbecoming of an officer, and destroying public respect.

In the end all four city council members at Monday night’s meeting voted to terminate Officer Woffard’s employment with the Summerville Police Department.


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