Summerville City Councilwoman and Mayor pro tem was arrested in Floyd County last Friday and charged with battery and simple assaultAccording to reports from Rome, the 81 year old councilwoman was at the residence of Stanley Arasmith on Big Texas Valley Road in Floyd County when according to Arasmith she became “crazy and violent” because he refused to marry the councilwoman. 

Arasmith told Floyd County Police that Bush pulled a handgun out of her purse and pointed it at him.  Arasmith told officers that he grabbed Bush’s arm and tried to pull the gun out of her hand and she allegedly bit him on the arm.  Incident reports from Floyd County indicated that officers found dried blood in the mouth of Ms. Bush presumably from biting the alleged victim. 

Reports indicate that Ms. Bush alledgedly tossed the gun into the bushes outside Arasmith’s house where police recovered it later.  Arasmith’s son locked the gate to the property to prevent Ms. Bush from leaving the property.  Bush claims that Arasmith was the one who became violent and took the gun from her purse and dragged her across the floor.

Arasmith was not charged in the incident.  Betty Bush has served on the Summerville City Council since 1993 when she took over the seat once held by her deceased husband Ed Bush.