The Summerville City Council, in a called meeting Tuesday evening, voted unanimously to enter into an agreement with Chattooga County to provide a probation officer for state court.

City manager Russell Thompson explained that the city would be responsible for hiring and maintaining an additional full time probation officer and would not receive much revenue from the additional 250 to 300 probationers that would come under its jurisdiction.

The City Manager recommended the move at a cost of around $64,000 per year. He said the city might break even. County Commissioner Jason Winters attended the meeting and said the county would provide a vehicle for the new probation officer.

The council also unanimously approved a GEFA change order resolution. the measure had previously been voted on and passed in an earlier meeting but GEFA wanted the approval in the form of a resolution according to Thompson.

In other business, the council met with department head and got individual feedback in its pending employee classification plan. Department heads were there to give guidance as to discrepancies in the plan and changes they feel need to be made. No action was taken on the employee classification plan at Tuesday night’s meeting.