The Chattooga County Animal Shelter remains closed and will not reopen until Tuesday of next week. 

A thirty-inch sewer line on Red Oak Road near the Summerville Wastewater Treatment Plant collapsed on January 3rd.  Summerville Public Works Director Terry Tinney says that his crews have been working around the clock since then to try to get the line repaired and to keep the sewer system operating.

Summerville City Manager Janice Galloway says that the quick response of Tinney and his workers prevented a sewage spill that could have been very costly for the city.  Still, the city has spend well over $157,000 because of the problem. In fact, Tinney told the Summerville City Council earlier this week that it is costing $2,500 per day just to pump sewage from a portion of the line that is not damaged over to the treatment plant – add to that the cost of overtime for city employees working on the problem.

Chattooga County Public Works Director Joe Reed told WZQZ News on Thursday that because of the temporary line across Red Oak Road, the animal shelter is not accessible.  Reed said that county residents need to know that Animal Control is still operating; it’s just the shelter that is closed.  Reed said, “Folks need to understand they can call 911 or call Animal Control and we are still answering the calls that come in.  If someone calls Animal Control the phone is forwarded to the on-call Animal Control officer.”

Reed said right now, the county is operating animal control out of the Chattooga County Public Works building.  He says that they hope that the shelter can reopen on Tuesday of next week.  In the mean time, the best thing to do if you have an animal control emergency is to call Chattooga 911.