The news that the Georgia Judicial Qualifications Commission will officialy rebuke Lookout Mountain Superior Court Judge Kristina Cook Graham next week has prompted news stories from Atlanta to Chattanooga. 

Graham is being rebuked after a complaint was filed by the GBI concerning a taped conversation in the judge’s chambers where Judge Graham directed foul language towards GBI agents concerning their handling of a drug investigation.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution –

In his complaint against Graham, GBI director Keenan alleged the judge violated judicial ethics by repeatedly cursing at law enforcement officers over their handling of a drug investigation.

The judge was angry, according to the GBI complaint, because she believed that agents investigating drug cases asked a confidential informant about her. GBI spokesman John Bankhead said Wednesday that Graham has never been investigated by the GBI for illegal drug activity.

The rebuke of Judge Graham will come from another superior court judge, but at this time it is not known which judge that will be.