LaFayette, Ga. — Trial began Monday in Walker County for a man charged with numerous violations of the Georgia Meat Inspection Act.Ricky Charles Bobo is named in a 26-count indictment that asserts he participated in the sale and distribution of uninspected and adulterated commercial meat products.Walker County District Attorney Herbert “Buzz” Franklin described the case involving meat product regulations.He said the case covers more than a year of offenses that were uncovered during an investigation begun when Georgia Department of Agriculture personnel discovered uninspected meat at a retail store in January 2006.Defense attorney Steven Ellis said during his opening statement, “This is not a normal criminal case.”Mr. Ellis and Chuck Clements are defending Mr. Bobo in Superior Court.Mr. Bobo, who bought and sold live animals, would buy beef, goats and sheep for individuals, his attorneys said. On their behalf, he delivered the animals to a slaughter house on Lookout Mountain in Walker County, Ga., the lawyers said.The defense contends these sales were to individuals for personal use, not for resale, and that Mr. Bobo was not responsible for slaughter and processing of animals.Mr. Franklin told the jurors that any meat intended for personal use must be stamped “not for sale” and never should be available at retail stores. The prosecution contends the slaughterhouse sold meat without inspection, without proper labeling or record keeping and that Mr. Bobo participated in the business’s operation and delivery of its product.“Mr. Bobo was acting as a sales agent,” the district attorney said.Superior Court Judge Kristina Cook Connelly told jurors to expect a fairly convoluted presentation of facts and that the trial probably will last all week. Chattanooga Times – Free Press