Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Kathy VanPelt Brown said on Friday that her office would go over budget in 2009.

Brown cited the reason for the County Tax Commissioner’s Office going in the red in 2009 is the state is cutting back payments on several items in 2009.  Some of those items include postage and equipment expenses.  Brown stated that she thinks postage alone, which was paid for by the state in 2008, could amount to $6 – $15 Thousand. Also the tax commissioner said that printer supplies were no longer going to be paid for by the state.  Brown said the laser jet printer cartridges for the printers in the tax office were $172 each and the state would no longer foot the bill for those supplies.

Brown also said that the state had mandated that Handicap Placards be laminated, however the state did not provide any money for lamination machines or the supplies used to laminate the placards.

Brown also cautioned that should the state legislature not allow the Homestead Exemption when they meet again in 2009, the Chattooga County Tax office along with tax offices in the other 158 counties would be forced to re-bill residents for the tax exemption.