Chattooga County Tax Commissioner Joy Hampton says that her office will be closed today and tomorrow for mandatory training for the new “Georgia Drives” system.

Hampton told WZQZ News that the new system will be a Windows-based system, replacing the outdated DOS system that tag offices have been using statewide for over twenty years.  The tax commissioner says that while the new system will be much better for her office, and for taxpayers, it will require training for tax office workers.  Hampton’s staff will be in Dalton today and tomorrow learning the new system.

Hampton also says that there will be some days this month when you will not be able to get tags or titles.  May 24-27, the statewide tag renewal system will be down as the state switches over to the new “Georgia Drives” system.

Hampton says that she recommends waiting until May 29th if you need to renew your tag or process a title this month.