Starting today and going through Sunday, residents can take advantage of Georgia’s Sales Tax Holiday.  In Chattooga County that means you can save 7% on purchase of many items needed for back to school supplies. There are some spending rules.  $20 can be spent on school supplies – tax free as well as $100 for clothing. School supplies that are tax-free include paper, pencils, notebooks, lunch boxes, daily planners, dictionaries, calculators, poster board and scissors.

It doesn’t cover “supplies used in a trade or business” — briefcases, envelopes, textbooks. Clothing supplies that are tax-free range from shirts, shoes, socks, underwear to uniforms, pajamas, ties, formal wear and diapers. Computers and computer accessories that are tax free include laptops, monitors, modems and memory, the exemption covers accessories such as cables, blank discs, computer docking stations, educational and financial software, printers and cartridges and PDAs, except those that allow voice communication.