The state board of technical colleges voted to raise the  tuition cap from 12 hours to 15 hours. Currently, full-time technical college students pay an average of $432 for 12 credit hours; they are not charged for additional credit hours.

Now, those taking between 13 and 15 credit hours will see the cost rise by as much as $108.

Two-thirds of Georgia’s technical college students are taking 12 credit hours or less and will be unaffected by the increase. Of the remaining third, many will see the extra cost covered by the HOPE grant.

Less than 10% of the TCSG’s quarterly enrollment, or approximately 9,000 students, will incur the additional out-of-pocket expense.

The increase will take effect beginning with the Winter Quarter 2009. It is expected to generate an extra $10 million annually for the technical college system.

Despite the credit hour increase for some students, the cost of a Georgia technical college education remains among the lowest in the nation, and most of those costs are paid for under the Georgia HOPE and federal Pell grants.