More information has now come to light in regard to the apparent threats of violence which were allegedly going to be aimed at Coosa Middle School. Recently, a concerned Floyd County parent contacted the police department, telling them about some disturbing information which she had discovered on an answering machine. The message was thought to be accidental. The parent told authorities that she believed her son was on the phone with friends and when he hung up, the phone apparently did not disconnect and recorded some of the conversations. According to police reports, the answering machine recorded statements referring to a shooting at Coosa Middle School, as well as that of a female stating that she did not believe they (she then named the juveniles) would carry it out. Officers spoke to another female juvenile who told them she had overheard several male juveniles talking about their plan to, in their words "shoot up the schoo". Yet another juvenile told police the suspect had told him the previous week that he was going to carry out the crime. This same witness told police the suspect said he wanted to "re-enact Columbine". Police went to the home of the suspect and conducted a consent search of the residence and found several articles associated with the Columbine shooting that had been printed off of the internet. Police also found additional items which were taken in for evidence. However, at this point, they are not saying what those items are. The juvenile that was arrested is currently at the Youth Detention Center in Rome. 

(Special Thanks to WEIS Radio – Centre)