At yesterday’s press conference at Hays State Prison, DOC officials stated the time of escape of the two inmates was 10:45 AM.  This official word is being questioned by many in the community and the media.  The Summerville News is reporting today that evidence may indicate the escape happened almost an hour earlier.  Also, the paper is reporting that only one perimeter patrol vehicle was being used on Monday instead of two. 

AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio began receiving calls about the alert siren going off at Hays Prison on Monday morning between 11:35 and 11:45 AM.  Even given the offical time of escape of 10:45, it took prison offiicals anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to begin sounding the alarm to warn the community. 

AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio spoke with Representative Barbara Massey Reece yesterday.  Reece told us that she had contacted the Department of Corrections on Tuesday regarding their lack of response to the community about the escape.  Reese along with State Senator Jeff Mullis, both urged the DOC to be more forthcoming with the public in regards to the escape.