2010 has been another interesting year in the news in Chattooga County.  Several big events have been in the news, including the tornado in the spring of this year that hit Cloudland and Teloga and the discovery of the body of missing Walker County 911 Dispatcher Theresa Parker’s body in Chattoogaville.

While both of these stories made the national and world-wide news and our top 40 list, they were not the most viewed stories on our web-site, www.chattoogainfo.com.   Coming up this New Year’s Weekend, AM 1180 will publish a list of the top 40 news stories as viewed by our web-readers. 

With over 3500 stories published on the web-site this year these are the stories that viewers "clicked" on the most number of times.  The list does not include the ever-popular arrest reports, but it does include an obituary of a beloved Chattooga County resident. 

Be sure to check out the web-site on New Years Day for the top 40 Local News Stories rated by our web readers.