The Town of Lyerly’s mayor and town council met in an emergency called meeting on Tuesday evening at town hall.  Mayor Jessica Eller said that she called the meeting after discovering that the City of Summerville is moving forward with plans to provide water service to the Mohawk Plant in Lyerly.

The current administration in Lyerly told AM 1180 that Mohawk is the Town of Lyerly’s largest water customer.  Officials say that without Mohawk as a customer it would effectively be the end of Lyerly water service.  Mayor Eller told the Lyerly Town Council that she learned that a meeting had taken place between the previous administration and the City of Summerville to discuss the possibility of Summerville providing water to Mohawk, and while there have been some discussions with the City of Summerville,  no formal talks have taken place with the current administration in Lyerly.

The City of Summerville has already applied for grants to move forward with the extension of water service to Mohawk in Lyerly.  Town officials in Lyerly say that in the early 1960’s the town took out a loan to provide water service to the carpet plant.

The Lyerly Town Council voted last night not to allow the City of Summerville to extend their water lines to the Mohawk plant.  Lyerly officials say that they are not going to give up their largest water customer.