Outdoors enthusiasts may want to consider visiting the Northwest Georgia Regional Fairgrounds this weekend where the National Trappers Association is having their regional convention.

Nationally known trappers will be giving demonstrations throughout the event, which begins on Friday and lasts through Sunday afternoon on different traps, handling different animals and other tricks to the trade.

“Some people don’t believe in trapping because of the fur trade,” said Dan Skurski, national convention coordinator. “But it’s not just about fur, nuisance trapping and wildlife control are viable options.

Tod Utter of Thomaston, says he works in nuisance control by removing beavers from flood areas, usually at the request of city and county governments.

“I started when I was about 14 years old,” he said. “It started out as a hobby, but turned into more than that.”

The National Trappers Association is an organization with about 9,000 members and the Georgia Trappers Association has about 300 members. Vendors come from all over the country with trapping related gear, artwork, and apparel. Skurski said food would also be available.

There will be a “tail-gating section” for people who want to sell other types of wares.

“Anyone can come in and sell what they want, as long at its legal. Not necessarily trapping related,” said Skurski.

Cost is $5 per day, or $10 for a three-day pass. Gates open at 8 a.m.

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