The Trion Town Council is considering a siren similar to the one that was recently installed in Lyerly.  At last night’s council meeting the council members heard from Sirens for Cities, a company that will help the Town of Trion search for grants to fund the siren system with the stipulation that the Town purchase the siren system from them if grant money is found.

A representative from the company told Mayor Ingle and council members that if the grant comes through the local  volunteer fire department, the town could see up to 90% of the $70-$80,000 cost of the siren system funded.

There was discussion among council members as to if the town needs one siren or two.  Some council members think that there should be one siren above the river and one below.  The council did vote to go ahead with the proposal to seek grant money to fund an emergency siren in Trion.