A Gaylesville, Alabama woman and her daughter were arrested on Wednesday after trying to extort money from the family of a cancer patient the woman was caring for.  According to reports, 46 year old Deborah Burke was arrested after she alegedly sent a demand for $60,000 to the family of an elderly woman she was caring for.  Burke is a registered nurse.
Trion Police say that the woman was gathering mail from the cancer patients home because she believed the woman’s family was involved in illegal activity.  She was upset with her working conditions so she demanded $60,000 or she would try to expose what she thought was illegal activity by the family.  The family contacted the police who set up a fake money drop at Walmart in Pennville.
Burke and her daughter came to the pick up for what they thought was the $60,000 and were arrested by Trion police on extortion charges.  The daughter was identified as 27 year old Tiffany Day.  Trion police say that they are still investigating the incident but have not determined that the family of the woman Burke was caring for was doing anything illegal.