TUNNEL HILL — A Summerville man charged with committing crimes in Catoosa County on Friday was apprehended later that day outside a house on Academy Lane here after a police officer wrested a gun away from him.

Christopher Noles, 43, of 7293 Dry Creek Road was found by Sgt. Scott Reneau of the Tunnel Hill Police Department hiding in some bushes with a cell phone in one hand and “a black object” in the other.

“I ordered the person to stop and when he turned toward me I saw he had a gun in his hand,” Reneau said in an incident report, adding he drew his own gun, pointed it at the man and ordered him to drop his gun.

“The subject then pointed the gun at his head,” Reneau said. “I attempted to talk (him) out of shooting himself, and he stated he didn’t have any reason to live.”

Reneau said the man pulled the trigger and the gun — a .380 Hi-Point pistol — didn’t fire. The suspect then attempted repeatedly to fire the gun without it discharging. He said the man then “racked the slide,” pointed the gun under his chin and attempted to fire again, but to no avail. After pulling the gun down to rack it again, Reneau said he noticed the pistol jammed.

“I immediately closed the distance between the subject and myself,” Reneau said, adding that when he tried to switch on his Taser (electric disabling gun) it did not work.

“I had no other choice but to go hands-on with the subject,” said Reneau. “When he attempted to flee he began to yell, ‘It’s not worth it!’ I was unsure if (he) meant this as a threat to my life.”

Reneau said he took the man to the ground, told him to drop the gun, but he did not comply. He said he struck the man in his left side with his right knee, forced the gun out of his hand, and “tossed it” as far as he could. After handcuffing the man, he called Whitfield EMS. He said the man agreed to be transported to Hamilton Medical Center for a mental evaluation.

Later on Friday, Noles was picked up at the hospital by the Catoosa County Sheriff’s Department and charged with kidnapping, false imprisonment, burglary and pointing a gun at another. He remained in the Catoosa jail on Saturday. A spokeswoman at Hamilton said she could not disclose any aspect of Noles’ mental evaluation.

“You get a call that there’s somebody with a gun and most of the time it turns out to be nothing,” Reneau said on Saturday. “But when I got there and saw he had a gun, and then my Taser didn’t work, I thought, ‘If anything can go wrong it is going wrong.’ I didn’t want to back away so he could have time to get that gun working.”

Noles — who weighs 205 pounds, according to the report — gave up after losing the gun, Reneau said.

Reneau said it was his understanding Noles had gone to his girlfriend’s apartment in Catoosa, held her at gunpoint and then drove her to a relative’s home on Academy Lane. While inside she locked him outdoors and called 911.

Noles was not charged or jailed in Whitfield County.

Dalton Daily Citizen