Reports indicate that escaped Hays State Prison inmate, Michael Tweedel was captured last night in the Atlanta Metro Area.

According to news reports from Atlanta’s Fox 5, Tweedel was captured sometime last night, but the specifics of the capture are not clear at this time.

AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio has placed a call into Commissioner Mike Owens of the Georgia Department of Corrections and spoke with Sheriff John Everett about the capture and will have more information later today.

Tweedel escaped from Hays State Prison in October of last year along with Johnny Mack Brown who was recaptured November 15th of last year and is currently in a hi-max security prison.  The Georgia Department of Corrections has been working for the past several months to re capture Tweedel who was serving a 10 year sentence for Armed Robbery.

 Stay tuned for more details.