The announcement of the dismissal of Hays State Prison Warden Herndon was coupled with the news earlier today that two prison staff members were suspended with pay.

All of this is part of an ongoing investigation into the escape of two inmates earlier this week from Hays Prison.  Assistant Commissioner Brian Owens told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that there were problems that had not been anwered about the way things were being run at Hays Prison.  Owens admitted that the Department of Corrections was looking into every possibility regarding the escape of the two inmates on Monday.

This is certainly not the first time that there have been problems with the staff at the prison.  In the past some staff members have been arrested for smuggling contraband into the prison for inmates.

One of the main questions that is on everyone’s mind is, how did the prisoners get the cell phone that they are reported to have at this time?  While Owens would not say specifically that the inmates had a cell phone, he did say that "we can assume the inmates have a communication device."

Meanwhile, law enforcement officials continue to search for the two inmates.  Several calls have been made over the past two days and areas from Spring Creek to Haywood Valley in Floyd County have been searched.

Floyd County law enforcement officials along with neighboring Cherokee County, Alabama and DeKalb County, Alabama sheriffs departments have expressed their displeasure with the Department of Corrections failure to notify them.  Assistant Commissioner Owens said that the department is now keeping neigboring jurisdictions in the loop in regards to the man hunt for the two escaped inmates.