Voters in Lyerly and in Centre, Alabama approved new alcohol sales in both towns during November’s elections.  Lyerly will become the only place in Chattooga County where it is legal to purchase liquor once new rules go into place and liquor license go on sale by the town.  Centre will become the "wet" county seat of a "dry" county next year when they begin to offer license for beer and wine.

Lyerly has turned to the Georgia Municipal Association for help in constructing their new regulations for liquor sales.  It is not known at this time exactly how much the license to sell liquor will cost. 

One Chattooga County resident that has been in the convenience store business for many years said that the extra regulations required by Georgia State Law to sell liquor makes it more costly than selling beer and wine and told AM 1180 that unless the license are priced at a "reasonable" rate it could make selling liquor in Lyerly an expensive proposition.  The businessman also said that volume could play a role in the viability of liquor sales in Lyerly.  With larger stores in Rome and Fort Payne selling liquor they can purchase product in higher volume making the cost of the product cheaper for the consumer.  He also said cultural norms will come into play – saying "some folks just don’t want to be seen purchasing liquor and are going to continue to go to Rome or Chattanooga."

The Town of Centre met with an attorney from the Alabama Beverage Commission that oversees alcohol sales in that state at their last meeting to get a briefing before starting to write their regulations for beer sales.