The inmates that escaped from Hays Prison on Monday are still at large and according to the Georgia Department of Corrections are still in the Chattooga County area.  This is the official word from the Georgia Department of Corrections, but many Chattooga County residents question that statement, and many in the area simply do not believe that the Department of Corrections have been forthcoming in regards to the escape.

Media outlets from Chattanooga Television stations to local media are questioning the Department of Corrections but getting little in the way of answers.  AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio has received no imformation from the Department of Corrections, despite repeated attempts, other than the brief press conference given on yesterday at Hays Prison.  At that press conference, DOC officials did not satisfy the reporters gathered in the room.

After the press conference AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio spoke with WTVC News Channel 9 from Chattanooga about their questions regarding the escape.  Channel 9 reported that they have attempted to speak with the DOC and have received the same road blocks as everyone else.  Many of the questions center around security measures at the prison.  Prison officials insist that cutbacks in the state budget have not affected the security of the prison.