The Summerville Police Department has released information about arrest of several underaged drinkers earlier this week.

According to incident reports from the Summerville Police Department officers were called to a house on Bellah Avenue in Summerville around 2 in the morning on Tuesday May 6th about a possible domestic dispute.  Someone had called the 911 center and reported the incident.  When officers responded they found several people who were standing outside on the porch.  The folks on the porch then ran into the house.  Offiers asked Brandon Chochran who lives at the house why someone had called 911.  Chochran told the officers that two men had walked up to the residence and confronted Chochran and his guests. 

Officers noticed that there was drinking going on at the residence, and asked Chochran about the alcohol.  Cochran told officers that he was 21, however officers did breathalizer tests on several under aged suspects and found that they had been drinking.  Officers arrested Tyra Meyers, Casey Meachem and Samantha Cochran for underage consumption and charged Brandon Cochran with having a Disorderly House. 

Officers also found 20 year old Cody Seeger pretending to be asleep in the bed and after searching him charged Seeger with underaged consumption and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.