The numbers are out for March unemployment rates in Chattooga County, and they aren’t good. 


In February of this year, Chattooga County had the highest employment rank of any of Georgia’s 159 counties.  The numbers in March climbed even higher.


 According to the numbers released today (Thursday, April 24, 2008) by the Georgia Department of Labor, Chattooga County’s unemployment rate now

stands at 14.8%.  That’s up from 14.4% in February.  The raw numbers mean that there are 777 eligible workers in Chattooga County that do not have jobs, and can draw unemployment benefits.  That number does not reflect those who have no jobs and are not eligible for unemployment.

 According to statistic, there are around 9,950 people in Chattooga County that had jobs in March.  That’s down from 10,200 people with jobs in February.