Dylan Thomas, the son of Wesley and Rebecca Thomas of Summerville continues his recovery at a Knoxville Hospital.  Sixteen year old Dylan was in an accident on Sunday of this week that left him with a broken neck and multiple injuries.  The accident happened in Rhea County, Tennessee.

Dylan’s step-mother, Rebecca Thomas is our Cooperative Extension agent in Chattooga County and she has set up a "Caring Bridge" account to keep friends and family updated on Dylan’s progress.  You can access the accounty by logging on:


Rebecca Thomas stated that Wednesday evening:

A feeding tube from his nose, was added this afternoon, to give Dylan a protein boost.
He tried to write today! He used his right hand and spelled water – and those that know Dylan, know that he is left handed.  This was a huge accomplishment.  I was so excited.  We made a chart for him to select letters for him to point to as he is making words, as long as he has the breathing tube. He has a strong will and is a very determined young man.