The Chattooga County Narcotics Unit arrested four Chattooga County residents on Monday when they raided a meth lab on Back Penn Road. Sheriff John Everett told AM 1180 Chattooga County Radio that law enforcement had received information that 40 year old Jeffery William Tripp was at the residence of 43 year old Gary Scott Bennett on Back Penn Road.   Sheriff Everett said that they had been looking for Tripp on suspicion of drugs and that Bennett was on probation. Agents with the Chattooga County Narcotics Unit went to the residence around 5:30 PM after obtaining a search warrant.  Sheriff Everett said that they found Coleman fuel, ephedrine tablets, iodine and Drano at the home, all ingredients used to make meth. Tripp and Bennett were taken into custody along with 42 year old Bridgette Barnes and another male suspect who is being held on pending charges. Sheriff Everett said that a hazardous material clean up crew was brought into clean up the scene.