An inmate at Hays State Prison has been charged with helping Johnny Mac Brown and Michael Tweedle in their escape from the prison on Monday October 13th.  It is now clear where the "cell phone" came in to the escape saga.

Warrants were issued by Judge Tracy Maddux for inmate Paul Grindle who has been incarcerated at Hays Prison since 2002.  Grindle is charged with aiding in the escape of a convicted felon and hindering apprehension, both felony counts.  There has been no word from the Department of Corrections about this development.

Grindle is serving time for theft by taking, simple battery, aggravated battery and robbery and has been charged in the past with criminal interference with government property, obstruction of a law enforcement officer and burglary.  Grindle is not scheduled for release from Hays Prison until 2019.

Most likely the Department of Corrections will seek a detainer in this case and Grindle will not be brought to trial on the charges until closer to his release date from prison.

According to the warrant:

“(Grindle) conspired with (the) two inmates . . . in the fact that he accepted payment in exchange for notifying unknown individuals outside Hays State Prison when they successfully left Hays State Prison using a cellphone. On the morning of Oct. 13, 2008, (Grindle) made a call using a cellphone after watching the two inmates escape the fence boundaries of Hays State Prison,”