The third annual Summerville Victorian Windows will begin with a walking tour on Dec. 4 in downtown Summerville, Georgia. The tour will begin at 7:30 p.m. Local guides in costumes will be stationed at each location to explain the historical significance of the scene.
Even if visitors can’t make it for the waling tour they can visit Summerville anytime from Dec. 4 until Christmas to see the displays which depict the celebration of Christmas during the Victorian era. There is no cost.

A total of 16 different scenes will be on display in business and governmental windows on Commerce Street in downtown Summerville. Scenes include a Victorian Welcome Santa with sign welcoming visitors to the window project; a nativity scene; Charles Dickens penning “A Christmas Carol”; Civil War soldiers in their camp celebrating Christmas; slave quarters; train scene which depicts the invention during that era; Henry Wadsworth Longfellow writing poem, “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day”; The Night Before Christmas scene; Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who popularized the Christmas tree; a Victorian-era toy shoppe with children playing; Scrooge and Tiny Tim from “A Christmas Carol; a Sweet Shoppe, a Victorian toy carousel with children; Victorian-era children building snowman and a Victorian Santa with animals.
All figures are life-size and handmade as well as most of the decorations used for the scenes.
Hunt and Becky Turner will be playing Victorian music at the Brass Lantern and the Horizon Baptist Fellowship will be playing the handbells near the Chattooga County Extension Office.