Chattooga County Radio News reported this past Monday that Judge Carlton Vines, State Court Judge for Chattooga County had spent the weekend in jail stemming from Drunk Driving Charges in 2007, when he was involved in a minor accident on Bill Rich Hill Road in Chattooga County.  Part of Judge Vines sentence included having to wear an ankle monitor, be under 30 days house arrest, serve 240 hours of community service.  Judge Vines must also complete a mandatory drug and alcohol assessment.  According to the Rome News Tribune, The Judicial Qualifications Commission says that Judge Vines status as far as his elected position as State Court Judge is still unclear.  The Rome News quotes Cheryl Cluster, executive director of the commission, saying that as of Tuesday Judge Vines case is still pending before the commission. Sheriff Ralph Kellett told Chattooga Radio News on Friday of last week that Vines had been arrested and taken to the Chattooga County Jail to serve his 72 hour sentence.  Right now Judge Jerry Westbrook is filling in Judge Vines place on the State Court Bench.  Stay tuned to Chattooga County Radio AM 1180 for more information as it becomes available.